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The decision is made, you are buying a home, Congratulations! You will be joining the ranks of hundreds of families who realize that home ownership offers numerous benefits including building personal equity, preparing for the future and creating an environment for secure family growth. When you own your own home, your hard-earned dollars contribute to the growth of the equity in that property. Your mortgage should be considered a vehicle which allows you to own that home and allows you to reap the benefits of that ownership. The equity that your home earns for you, is yours! Over time, your home will increase in value and when you decide to upgrade or you decide to downgrade, the equity is yours tax freeThe wealthiest people in the world have acquired their wealth through buying and selling real estate. 

When you commit to work with me in the purchase of your new home, I will help you in the most efficient ways I can. The very first thing I will do for you is create a direct Internet Link which will deliver all NEW Listings (in your chosen area and price) directly to your email as they are being posted on the Paragon(realtor website) combined with the MLS Service! While you are at work or asleep NEW Listings are added to Paragon, then forewarded to the MLS Service, some will match your parameters!! When matches occur, they will be delivered directly to your email address. Call or email me today, ask for information about Paragon and how to get activated! 

In the reports at the bottom of the page,  you will find most of the information you need to make  wise Buying decisions.  The reports will take you through the planning process step-by-step. If you require more information or help contact me directly and I will provide the information you are lookng for, help you find a professional Mortgage Lender or help you determine the area and the home that is right for you. 

If you have any questions about Buying a home call me! I live in Surrey but work in N. Surrey, Surrey, Delta, Richmond, White Rock, Cloverdale or Langley. I can also assistance you in buying a home in any area of the Lower Mainland as well as in another province or country. My HOMELIFE Benchmark network (one of the largest real estate network in the world with over 7,000 sales associates), combined with my Agent Point 2 Website will help me find the right property for you.

FIRST TIME BUYERS NOTE: If you are a first time home Buyer you should know that you can apply for: 1. First Time Government Grant ( and 2. An Exemption to paying the Property Purchase Tax ( If you are buying a property which has a total cost of $325,000 ( property plus any taxes) or Less, you should not have to pay the Property Purchase Tax. The Property Purchase Tax is calculated at: 1% on the first $200,000 and 2% on the balance. If you were to purchase a home at $325,000 home that would be a saving of $4,500.

First time Buyers should also note that it is extremely important to get Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage with a lending institution. Pre-Qualification means that you have discussed in detail all the costs of buying ( Purchaser Tax, Lawyer Fees, Estimated Utility costs, Property Taxes, etc) and you have submitted all documentation required by the Lending Institution. After all the costs have been included the Institute should be able to give you a written statement assuring you that when you request a mortgage for the home of your choice, that is within your approved price range, you can be confident that you will get that mortgage approved without any hassel or fears of not being approved for that mortgage. Pre-Qualified Mortgages usually have a life of 90days sometimes more, if interest rates go rise you are fixed at the rate that you have been Pre-Qualified for, however, if interest rates drop you will get the lower rate.

I would also encourage Buyers to work with a Mortgage Specialist or a Mortgage Broker, rather than someone who does your daily banking at your Financial Institution. Mortgage Specialists know all the latest Mortgage Products that are available (you will be surprised at how many different options are at their disposal), they know and understand which Products will best benefit you and they have much more clout and flexibilty to shave interest ratesIf you need to find a Mortgage Specialist who will provide all of the above services in very cordial, professional manner, making sure all details are fully addressed, please contact me I will put your intouch with exactly the right person for you.


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